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Kaiser Permanente’s  27th annual Anti-Smoking Poster Contest will be in the Fall this year.  More details coming soon ! 

Our 2020 Smoking and Vaping Educational Workshops for your staff and/or parents are now virtual. Please let us know how we can support you.  Please fill out a request form for more information or to schedule a virtual Workshop.

If you have any additional questions about our anti-smoking program or poster contest please contact Eileen Peterson, 916-591-0868 or, Cindy Centerwall, 916-977-3051. 

Past Winners

Take a look at our amazing  past winners. 


Thank you students, teachers and schools for participating in Kaiser Permanente’s 27th annual “Don’t Buy the Lie” anti-vaping /smoking program.  2020 looked different then prior years, as all student entries were submitted  in digital/virtual format.  We are proud of you for creatively taking the time via your art and messaging to combat the myths of e-cigarettes and vaping and the effects it has on youth. Congratulations to the top 10 winners, each of these students and their school will receive gift cards, and the winner from each school, an extra $50 prize.

  • Congrats to the grand prize winner from Franklin High School: Deanna Aivaliklis, who will received an extra $1000 prize.  Her simple message resonated most with all voters.

Thank you all for taking the time to participate and vote and Don’t Buy the Lie!

From Franklin High School:

  • Deanna Aivaliklis  (Overall grand prize winner!)
  • Laurenz Sisayan  (School winner)

From Granite Bay High School: 

  • Ryan Gould

From Foothill High School:

  • Adi L Logavatu

From Pleasant Grove High School:

  • Lilah Gonsalves

Other top 10 winners (“Honorable Mentions”)

  • Morgan Olivia (Granite Bay HS)
  • Luciana Whitzell (Franklin HS)
  • Ross Miller (Franklin HS)
  • Tiffany De La Cruz (Franklin HS)
  • Olivia Edmiston (Franklin HS)